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Our vision:
We are to provide outstanding experiences by creating inspiring meetings and event solutions that support the client’s objectives, build a new connection locally and enhance market positioning in Japan.

Our mission:
We are to become our client’s preferred partner and to help them connect to the local and drive growth by offering customized and tailor-made solutions backed by in-depth event management experience in Japan.

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Ayumi Deuchi 

Artist・Art producer

Born, raised and educated in Kyoto with national and international experience utilizing excellent bilingual liaison skills and cross cultural awareness. Ayumi was taught by her father, a Japanese designer, and in the memory of her grandfather, Kakuho. She offers cultural spirits, introducing Kyoto aesthetic style in quality, tradition and design, connecting everyone to the pleasure of art.

2018 Nihonbashi Gallery
       Heian Shrine, Gallery Hana, Keifu, etc
       Chiyoda Arts 3331
International Arts at Heian Shrine
2017  Gallery Hana Kyoto
Higashiyama Hall
      International Exhibition at Kyoto municipal museum annex
2016  Gallery Hana Kyoto
International Exhibition at Kyoto municipal museum annex
Japan-Costa Rica Exhibition at Sakuragi gallery, Tokyo
Kyoto Traditional Exhibition in Los Angeales / LA Artcore
2015  International Arts at Kyoto community center
Solo Exhibition at Mizuno Katsuhiko Photo Gallery

2014  Italian-Japanese Acquarello, Sokyo Gallery, Gion Kyoto

出内 あゆみ 画家・海外アートプロジュース

1993 大阪大学 外国語学部卒業
2014  Aquarelloイタリア展  Sokyo Gallery 祇園
2015  雛祭り展 水野克比古写真館西陣
   US-Japan Exhibition 国際交流会館 岡崎
2016  国際展 桜木画廊 東京
   LA Artcore ロサンゼルス
Kyoto Traditional Exhibit 二人展 ロサンゼルス
   コスタリカ展 国際交流会館
2017 京都新鋭日本画展 ギャラリー華
   檜展 京都東山
   京都芸術祭国際展 ギャラリー恵風
2018  千代田アーツ3331展 
    ミニアチュール展 ギャラリー恵風
   日本橋展 他

宮崎泰江 和菓子教室主催 製菓衛生師

製菓用餡会社のアンテナショップである和菓子店にて和菓子職人として勤務。2008年 和菓子教室 「ワガシサロン イッショウ」 開催。茶道裏千家 専任講師

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